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HT2000LHF  & HT2000

Many NEW Hypertherm parts available & consumables

The Hypertherm HT2000 has a trouble free track record. The expanded Hypertherm HT2000 consumable life.The relatively slag free cut you will experience with the Hypertherm HT2000.The Hypertherm HT2000 upgrade that will have you up and running in approximately three days with complete operator and maintenance training


Includes Hypertherm HT2000 Torch Pack
Includes Hypertherm Gas Console
Includes Hypertherm Torch Head with consumables
Includes Hypertherm Torch Leads
Includes Hypertherm Gas Valve
Includes Hypertherm Cabling
Includes Hypertherm Gas Hoses
Includes Delay Timer / Relay Components
Includes Hypertherm Machine Interface Cable.
Includes Aluminum Torch Holder

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