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Machine Repair


    • Option 1: Have most cylinder assemblies in stock with exchange - complete.
    • Option 2: Will rebuild your cylinder assembly or exchange
      Service available to remove from your machine and reinstall

647, 661,3400,3500,3700 615,630,635,650,652,653,and any other Whitney large cylinders&portable presses,shears


  • Option 1: Have most in stock (Reconditioned with exchange)

  • Option 2: Will recondition your Bearings and seals can be provided at additional cost
    Service available to remove from your machine and reinstall

Repair or Exchange 647, 630's, 650's, 661,3400,3500,3700 and any other Whitney Ball Screws

Portable Presses

  • Tear down, evaluate, rebuild with new seals and any other parts as needed
    (Nosepiece, ram, die pocket, etc.)
    Test and paint before shipping

Power Unit

  • Option: We have many updated power units for sale & used powerunits (S-10, 630, 647, 3400, 3500, 3700)
  • Option (Customer's Unit): Update all obsolete components, test and paint before shipping.


  • Can rebuild on-site or at our facility.
  • Pre Inspection necessary to evaluate needed parts..


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