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We provide on-site and off-site service, repair and training
for all W.A. Whitney™ equipment throughout the United States.

Welcome to Janicke Machinery, Inc.

Janicke Machinery, Inc. specializes in service of all types of W.A. Whitney™ equipment as well as resale of refurbished machinery.

Our company was founded in 1993 by President and CEO Karl Janicke bringing with him 30 years of experience in structural and sheet metal machinery. We are dedicated to premium customer service and have a highly motivated, experienced staff.

Our extensive service and parts inventory is on hand to serve your needs.

Machine DOWN ?
Financing IS Available for your Machinery Purchase

 We sell replacement parts at a lower Cost for:  Services:
 Creonics Control  Install Machines, Torch Packs and Controls
 Beamlines  Train on Machines, Controls and Torch Packs
 Anglematic  Re-sell Machinery
 Fabrication Equipment  Service W.A. Whitney™ equipment
 Punch/PlasmaMachines  Rebuild W.A. Whitney™ equipment
 IC-300 Torch Packs  Retrofit Controls and Torch Packs
 IC-200 Torch Packs  Over a Combines 125 years of Experience
Hypertherm Torch Packs  
 GE 2000 Controls  


We will Buy your old Parts and Machines

  • Encoders
  • G.E. 2000 Boards / Control
  • Creonics Controls / Motors
  • Allen Bradley Drives
  • G.E. AC200 Drives and Power Supply
  • W.A. Whitney™ Machinery

(6) 661's available Completely Refurbished
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